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Films, documentaries, video art, short films and more


Lexi Cinema are keeping the Lexi lights bright during these dark times with interim Lexi Virtual. They are excited to present a Virtual Lexi programme - classics, world cinema, docs, short films, archive curiosities and new releases - while the movie industry suspends its programme of current releases. You'll find the usual incisive film commentary available via the website and social media, and there's even the invitation to join in some online film chat after one of our 'screenings'. We’ll be providing viewing links from a host of online platforms. Most of these will be free-to-view, and fabulous streaming platform MUBI is giving Lexi customers 3 months free viewing.

What do I need to know?

Films, documentaries, short films, video art and more, available on the Lexi Cinema website.

Important information
  • Is this offer suitable for children? YES