Online sessions - Yoga, art, cooking and much more!


We encourage people from all walks of life, with opportunities to learn, contribute, participate and enjoy countryside activities. Using our beautiful site, we provide a place to understand and interact with nature, use and value diversity, encouraging the people who visit to adopt the principles it demonstrates into their own mindset and lives. Situated in North Wales, within an area of outstanding natural beauty, our site is nestled within the woodland countryside, a wondrous hidden gem. The site offers extraordinarily unique experiences to those who have the opportunity to spend time there, providing a magical setting for quirky, intimate gatherings of likeminded folk who appreciate the connection with nature, valuing the ethics and principals of permaculture and the abundance of benefits that this approach has to offer the Earth and its people.

What do I need to know?

We offer a range of videos where volunteers are sharing their skills, from yoga to drawing to cooking and even music.

Important information
  • Is this offer suitable for children? YES